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ElevatEd YouTube

Although we offer private tutoring and counseling, we believe that quality education should also be accessible and free to all. That's why all of our key concepts can be found on YouTube for anyone to see.


Since the YouTube channel was launched in 2020, our educational content has been viewed more than 860,000+ times. If you've found any of our content useful, we'd really appreciate a like and subscribe. Your support goes a long way!


This course took Jeff and Kevin over 280+ hours to script, design, edit and revise. It was designed for high schoolers who are absolutely serious about getting into their dream school.

For more information about the course, visit:

How to Get Into an
Ivy-League College
(2022 Edition)

Over the last 5 years, we've made over $250,000 as college tutors and consultants. Also, Jeff and Kevin have helped coach dozens of students into every Ivy League School as well as secure some of the most selective scholarships in the nation. Here's everything we know (for free!)

Everything Yale:
Failures, Regrets,
Highlights and more

Have you ever wondered what Yale is like? 

In this playlist, Kevin and Jeff share their honest opinions about one of the best undergraduate universities in the world.

ElevatEd Inspiration Generation

An interview series with students I've personally coached to start their own initiative! These students range from 8th-10th grade and generated sales for their ideas in just under 3 months. Listen to their stories for a dose of inspiration. I promise it's worth it!

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