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To teach and equip students with the necessary academic, intellectual, social, emotional, personal and interpersonal skills for success in school and life beyond.

Our Story

ElevatEd (formerly known as ZhenEd) informally “launched” in the March of 2020, right at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.


After watching both his parents lose their jobs as restaurant staff, our founder, Kevin, picked up whatever work he could to help support his family. For about three months, he worked as a sales associate for his friend’s real estate startup, Astorian, and as a part-time writing tutor for iLearnWorld.


Sensing a growing demand for online learning and frustrated with the gaps in his own education, Kevin designed an innovative curriculum to help students learn everything they needed for not just high school success, but life success. In the summer of 2020, Kevin decided to pursue tutoring full time: in 3 months, he personally taught more than 120+ students writing, entrepreneurship, personal finance and college application fundamentals. He even launched the very first ElevatEd Incubator, an 8 week intensive designed to help high schoolers launch social enterprises and nonprofits!

Confident that he could now pursue his passion for education while also not starving to death, Kevin embarked on a new challenge: recruiting Jeff!


Believe it or not, it took Kevin over a year and a half to convince Jeff to join ElevatEd. (Fun fact: Kevin initially met Jeff at a breakdance practice during Jeff’s first year at Yale and was immediately impressed by how Jeff took detailed notes of each move at every session. Not to mention Jeff's incredibly powerful story which helped his college essay get featured in the New York Times! Since that day forward, Kevin vowed he would work with Jeff)!

Since inception, the ElevatEd team has grown to include not just Jeff, but also Sam, Danielle, Alec, Tina, Tiffani, Vennela, Maya, Georgio, Alina, Yasmeen and Lekha! Together, ElevatEd has taught over 600+ students in 40 states and 5 countries over Zoom, not to mention millions more through the ElevatEd TikTok and YouTube channel!




From 2020-2024

  • We’ve helped dozens of students win 225+ Scholastic prizes across multiple categories ranging from poetry to flash fiction, personal memoir, humor, journalism and more.

  • We’ve coached more than 200+ students from every background imaginable into all 8 Ivies, as well as Stanford and MIT.

  • We’ve recorded over 250+ videos related to Yale, college admissions and entrepreneurship.

But beyond the numbers, we’ve had the pleasure of watching our students grow and fulfill their potential. That is why we teach!

Meet The ElevatEd Team

We're a small, tight-knit team of recent college grads dedicated to delivering a personalized and exceptional experience to your student over the long-term.
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