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Long-Term College Consulting

THE MISSION OF THE LONG-TERM COLLEGE CONSULTING PROGRAM is to fill in the gaps of what America’s education system fails to teach.

This program is best suited for students between grades 7-10 seeking an early head

start in preparing for college admissions.

School is Insufficient

We believe that the modern education system overemphasizes intellectual education. Our mission with this program is to equip students with the necessary moral, social, emotional and personal education for life-long success.

Big Siblings

We don't view ourselves as consultants.

We view ourselves as big siblings to our students, and want to guide them to their goals in the most efficient, productive (and fun!) ways possible.

The 20% Project

After this, we help them utilize their skills and reach their full potential through SMART goal-setting, project-based learning and a month-long

20% passion project.

What We Teach

School teaches students what to learn, but not how  to efficiently learn it.

Society places demands on us as to what we should do, but not how we should go about it. What about time management? Productivity? Improving friend groups? 

A Holistic Approach

Beyond benefits like successfully applying to summer opportunities or winning competitions, we teach students how to mold the structure of their lives so they can lead themselves.

Our Mission

Through life coaching, we at ElevatEd hope our kids will become better students, better humans, and better leaders in society, not only making the most in high school, but also through their entire lives. 


Our Long-Term Life Coaching Plan is $150/50 minute session. Typically, students aim to meet once a month, but for those who are later in the application cycle (ie high school juniors), may be interested in meeting more frequently.

The Pyramid Problem

Why College Admissions Are More Competitive Than Ever

The #1 Secret to Standing Out 

"Build Your Very Own Initiative!" by Kevin

After working for three tutoring agencies over the last six years, I can confidently say that the greatest competitive differentiation a student can offer themselves is starting and scaling own initiative. 

This strategy has helped students I’ve worked with receive admission offers from top private schools like Harker and Exeter, as well as college acceptances from Yale, UPenn, Harvard and Stanford. But why is this so?

Every student who applies to these schools has stellar grades, impressive extracurriculars & perfect standardized test scores. Take Princeton for example - each year Princeton receives more than 14,000 applications from students with 4.0 GPAs. Nearly 18,000 applicants had combined test scores of over 1400 on the SAT, yet they accept less than 2000.

To stand out in a sea of excellence, it isn’t enough to have academic credentials. This is why I argue that it’s better to have a good GPA (top 10%) and invest your energy into starting a nonprofit that helps hundreds in your community rather than spending those extra hours trying to become your school’s valedictorian.

Ultimately, these schools are not looking for academic robots. They are looking to admit students that can develop into the next generation of our society’s leaders. And what could be more convincing demonstrated leadership ability than planning and executing your own initiative?


The ElevatEd Advantage


Setting up for real-world success

Teaching you to invest in yourself

At the end of the day, though, the goal is not an admissions letter, but to succeed at this game we call “life.” Obviously getting into a great school helps, but I find it limiting to believe that it is the end all be all for someone’s long-term success. You could even argue that getting into a great school is just a positive side effect since the skill and mindset you gain from these early entrepreneurial experiences will continue to pay dividends long after graduation.

The fact of the matter is that nothing teaches you more about the real world than getting your hands dirty and trying to sell an idea to your community. This is why many of the projects and initiatives I encourage students to build are not school-centric. If a student has a passion for board games, I advise them to redirect that passion and share it with elderly folks at retirement homes or younger students at a summer camp instead of trying to start “yet another board game club” at their middle or high school.

There is no reason that starting an initiative has to be daunting either! Students regularly approach me and ask, “Can I really pull this off?


The answer is a resounding yes! Of course you can! These days, you can build a successful business or nonprofit with a convincing website, email marketing and a cell phone. There’s no reason why this has to be more difficult than scoring a 5 on an AP exam or playing the violin.


And now, if you're ready to take the leap, reach out and send us a message.


We can't wait to see what you can achieve!

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