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Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

This past spring, the 200+ seniors we worked with received offers from all 8 Ivy League universities, Stanford, MIT, Duke, UChicago, Georgia Tech, John Hopkins and more! 


Welcome to the 
ElevatEd School!

We empower students to become the best versions of themselves through writing, entrepreneurship and more.


win a writing award after just

1 year of private tutoring


Scholastic Art & Writing Awards across 8+ categories


of our seniors were accepted to their

1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice school

Our Services

Our Services

At ElevatEd, we believe that every student deserves personalized, custom-tailored support to help them reach the next step in their educational journey. Our college admissions and application counseling model takes the classic mentorship model to a whole new level of success by connecting students to Ivy League consultants who have done it before.

Image by Olena Sergienko

The ElevatEd Difference


We're friends, not consultants

Many of our students who begin in middle school stick with us throughout their high school years. This is because we envision ourselves as older siblings to our students who will stick around both in good times and tough times.

ElevatEd values your time.

We respond to all emails, messages on WeChat, WhatsApp and text within 48 hours.

We respond fast!

We've done this ourselves

All ElevatEd tutors are current students or recent graduates from Ivy League universities. It's precisely because we understand how challenging the process can be that we strive to make it easier and more fun for you!

Whether it's college mentorship or summer program apps, ElevatEd students will develop lifelong skills, including time management and habit-building along the way.

We think long-term

Hear What Our Students Have To Say!

At first, like many others, I thought a life coaching class would be awkward, purposeless, and perhaps even boring since I thought all I would do is talk about myself, but Kevin made it seem like the exact opposite. 

Shaams Nur

Shark Tank Finalist

ElevatEd was crucial during my college essay drafting process. He was constantly there with great insight into making my big ideas better, and of course, tweaking the small issues to refine the edges.

Cory Fan

Yale University

Having worked with ElevatEd,

I realized that my essays weren’t merely drafts, but rather contained a reflection of my life story. During editing, his suggestions reinforced my main topics.....

Cristofer Arrellano

Stanford University

Kevin's mentorship was really helpful and a big reason I got into Harker!

He gives good advice in an easygoing manner, encourages passions, and is lighthearted, bringing humor into the conversation without sacrificing efficiency and quality!

Jingjing Liang

The Harker School

During Albert's high school application, ElevatEd was instrumental in helping with essays. Kevin's passion to help other students and his unique approach to inspire them really separates him from all the other counseling services.

Albert Wu

Phillips Exeter Academy

Kevin is flexible in scheduling and treats everyone equally regardless of skill level or age. He teaches writing as not a task but an art, one where students can peek into the complex layers of literature and transfer that knowledge to stories of our own!

Andy Sheng

15x Scholastic Award Winner

The Founders!

The ElevatEd team is composed of current Ivy League students and alums dedicated to guiding the academic, creative, and personal journeys of our students.


In addition to our many writing and admissions services, we want to teach you important skills that school forgot to teach!

Kevin Zhen, CEO

Exeter '16, Yale '20 (East Asian Studies)

Kevin is a polyglot, entrepreneur, educator and content creator dedicated to helping youth better express themselves and develop their own initiatives.  When he's not working, he loves to breakdance and organize dance workshops for his local community to celebrate hip-hop culture!

We've helped more than 350+ students get into all 8 Ivy League Schools and other T20 colleges from 2021-2024!

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